Consider this post the first in a series. I am OBSESSED with Lush, having only discovered them around 18 months ago, but I’ve already tried hundreds of their products. I’m thinking of writing regular blog post reviews of LUSH products, and what better product to kick things off with than Scrubee?

First of all – HOW CUTE IS IT?!


It’s a BEE!

(I suppose the clue’s in the name, really)

Most of Lush’s solid body butter/scrub things are variations on squares or circles. And I know you should never judge a book by its cover, but cuteness does help, let’s be honest. For the same reason that I’m more likely to swipe right on Tinder if you own a cute dog.

But cuteness only goes so far (like when the cute dog Tinder guy’s opening comment is something about painting me green and ‘spanking’ me like a ‘disobedient avocado’ – yes, this actually happened to me). Luckily, Scrubee delivers on substance as well. The darker stripe-y areas are ground coconut shells and ground almonds, which give a harsh but thoroughly natural exfoliation. I have stubborn eczema/stretch marks/general lumpy horrible-ness on my thighs, and this product is the only exfoliator that has ever helped, instead of made things worse. The rest of Scrubee, including a really thick layer on the bottom, is your standard moisturising solid body butter, made of Shea butter and cocoa butter. One thing to watch out for though – as could only be expected, after a few uses, your Scrubee will look more like this:


The magic ingredient in this product, is honey. Perhaps this isn’t surprising, considering that this product is bee-shaped, but the addition of this product means that Scrubee smells AMAZING. To me, it almost smells like white chocolate (although it doesn’t contain any – I think I’m mistaking the honey for generic sweetness) Also, the smell lasts and lasts – the first time I used Scrubee, I used a The Body Shop body butter as well, and I could still smell Scrubee on my skin as the main scent. This is a good thing (how can smelling like honey and cocoa butter ever be a bad thing?)

The tiniest, weensiest niggle I have about this product is that in the ingredients list, nestled between ‘ground coconut shell’ and ‘honey’ is simply the word ‘perfume’, with an asterix directing you to the phrase ‘safe synthetics’. Bearing in mind how honest Lush is with its ingredients and ethics, I almost would have expected a further breakdown of this perfume’s ingredients. I tweeted Lush to ask about this, and they told me that their perfumes are a ‘closely guarded secret’ and are made of a mix of ‘essential oils and synthetic products that are safe for use on the skin’. I’m still not sure that I understand why the perfume is of such a high concentration in this product (as ingredients lists are usually ordered in terms of percentages, highest first) but I’m willing to let it slide for a product as cute as ‘lil Scrubee.


I hope you enjoyed this review, and do let me know if there are any LUSH products that you’d like me to review in future – chances are I’ve already tried it!

Thanks for reading! As always, see you tomorrow! P.